– Inductive proximity switch is a device for realizing the non-electrical measurement by inductive winding or the change of coefficient of mutual induction.
– It has high resolution and accuracy for the monitoring and measurement of presence, movement and position of metallic objects.
– The operating distance of the sensor depends on the coil’s size as well as the target’s shape, size and material.
– It is divided into two categories according to the working state :
NO – Normal Open type,
NC – Normal Close type




– All-purpose type, which can directly substitute the same type of P+F and TURCK

– Power supply reversal connection protection; short-circuit protection, can directly connect with PLC

– Newly added current over-load protection; the elements are made of imported chip

– Long service life, high reliability and strong resistance property to environment

– Red LED indicates that it’s available to detect the sensor operating state

– Full thread shape to enlarge the installation space; can use wrench and clamp directly

– Countermeasure to improve the housing intensity and to solve disconnection

– IP67 protection structure(IEC specification)

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