Infrared Lamp-Advantages

1: LEXEN infrared heating lamps can be switched on and off frequently. 2: 1~2 seconds fast response time to full power IR heating energy.

3: Output power can be adjusted simply by voltage regulator (12V~lamp rated voltage).

4: Accurate(±1 ℃)IR heating temperature control with SCR regulators or solid state relays.

5: Small installation space, flexible horizontal or vertical burning position by our infrared lamps.

6: Our infrared heating lamps are for all industrial heating applications, the highest working temperature up to 1000 ℃. 7: Special Gold reflector (90% reflective rate) and Ceramic white reflector (70% reflective rate) coated on IR lamp quartz tube surface to reflect infrared radiation energy back on heated objects.

8: Different objects different matched IR radiation wavelength-IR lamp Short wave (0.9~1.4μm), Fast response medium wave (1.4~2.0μm), Medium wave (2.2~4.0μm), Carbon medium wave (2.0~4.0μm).

9: Higher density power output-The highest surface power output of shortwave IR lamp is 600KW/M2, Fast response medium wave IR lamp is 300KW/M2, Carbon medium wave IR lamp is 120KW/M2, Medium wave IR lamp is 100KW/M2.

10: We guarantee ≥5000 hours average working life for most of our infrared quartz heating lamps.

Infrared Lamp/ lR Radiation Distribution

Infrared heating technology radiates and conveys large amounts of energy in a short time. By matching different optimum wavelength of infrared, our Quartz Infrared (IR) Lamps are available for all industrial and scientific heating applications. Different objects different matched IR radiation wavelength-Short wave (0.9~1.4μm), Fast response medium wave (1.4~2.0μm), Medium wave (2.2~4.0μm), Carbon medium wave (2.0~4.0μm),

Infrared Lamp-Structure Principle

High Efficiency Infrared Lamps are made by three parts, radiation body、filament and other accessories. The radiation body is transparent quartz glass tube. High temperature resistant heating filaments are tungsten alloy, Ni-Cr alloy and carbon materials. Other accessories include molybdenum electrode、cables、insulating ceramics. When the infrared lamps are connecting power supply, the heating filaments reach high temperature in seconds and the radiation body emitter lots of infrared rays, so the objects will absorb those amounts of infrared and be heated very fast.

Infrared Lamp-Industrial Applications

Application in high speed printing, such as offset printing, silk-screen printing, label printing and flexo printing.

Application in paper industry and textiles printing, water curing, fabric stretching and forming, PVC, PC, PET film and sheet lamination.



Application in dopes, paints and inks industry, electrostatic powder coating drying.




Application for embossing and bronzing on soles, leathers, rubber and plastics etc.




LXNTB38-15-1600/1500 IR LX 2311G2


Medium Wave 

Voltage                            : 380V 
Wattage                           : 1500W
Total length                     : 1600mm
Heated length                 : 1500mm
cross section                   : 23X11mm
Cable length                     : 180 CM
Burning position               : horizontal 
Normal Gold Reflector     : Double Time passing

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