4-20mA load cell amplifier module 


HX760 electronic scale module 


0-10v weight transmitter linear 


force sensor

HX760 electronic scale module
I. Overview:
  HX760 is an electronic scale module, its working principle is to be measured is converted into changes in resistance value changes, and then converted into electrical signals output circuit.
  The module Advantages: simple structure, easy to use, stable performance, reliable, high sensitivity and measurement speed and the like.
Second, the application:
Many areas of extensive aviation, mechanical, electrical, chemical, construction, medicine, etc., used to measure force, pressure, displacement, strain, torque, acceleration, etc.
1, the differential input voltage: ± 20mV (full-scale differential input voltage is ± 20mV)
2, data accuracy: 24bit (24 bit A / D converter chip.)
3, the refresh rate: 80Hz (frequency refresh the data)
4, the working voltage: 9 ~ 24VDC
5, working current <10mA
6, the working temperature of the L-40C ~ 65C (degrees Celsius)
7, storage temperature: -40C ~ 65C (degrees Celsius)
8, size: 50 * 45 * 10mm
V. Installation and wiring
5.1 Mounting dimensions and wiring units defined 🙁 mm)
P3 connection definition:
+ 24V: positive power supply
  GND: power supply negative
       V: 0 ~ 10v voltage output
        I: 4 ~ 20mA current output
   GND: power supply negative
Note: potentiometer RV1 (OFFER) adjust the output midpoint;
           Potentiometer RV2 (ADJ) to adjust the output gain (magnification);
CH1 channel wiring definition:
1, VDD: positive power supply electronic scale (usually red)
2, I +: electronic scale-inverting input (usually green)
3, I-: electronic scales inverting input (usually white)
4, GND: electronic scale negative power supply (usually black)
Note: When using, pay attention to the polarity of the power supply is connected properly, only power.




  • Type: Vibration Sensor
  • Material: Mixture
  • Usage: Pressure Sensor
  • Output: Analog Sensor
  • Model Number: 4-20MA

Market Price : 5 $ 

Note : the price is for reference 


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