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Multi combination weighing

Granule Packing Machine

Suitable for all kinds of granular, strip, block and slice products. Such as puffed food, crispy rice, jelly, candy, pistachios, apple slices, dumplings, chocolate, balloons, rubber rops, screw nuts and other hardwares.

Small size
Seasoning powder
Seasoning powder
Grain Powder
Grain Powder


packing machine

Suitable for packing packages of powers such as leaking stoppage powder, mile powder, soybean powder, cereals poeder, flour, washing powder, lime powder and other powder materials.

Chinese or English display ( language can be set according to customer requirements ), Easy operation, instructions and working conditions clearly shown on touch screen, PLC provides stable working program, Can preset 10 formulas, easier to change product packaging, Intelligent temperature control, temperature difference within 2 degree, Transverse tooth seal,solid packaging, Servo motor film pulling, pneumatic sealing device.

linear weighing system

Packing Machine

Suitable for all kinds of granular products, such as deterfent powder, sugar, salt, coffee beans, peanut, melon seed, beans, sesame, spice granules etc.
The machine is equipped with Z-shaped feeding elevator, stable stainless steel platform and support frame, double head linear scale, and touch combined scale operation screen.
The height of the finished product conveyor belt can be adjusted by what you want, and the large-scale packaging machine can meet the packaging needs of various products.

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Packing for different useages

Large measuring cup packaging machine
Suitable for all kinds of granular products with general weighing accuracy, such as peanut, melon seeds, mung bean, red bean, sesame, plant seeds, etc.
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Precision electronic scale packaging machine
It is suitable for the packaging of granular products within 20g and the packaging accuracy within 0.1g
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Vibrating disc auto counting packing machine
It is suitable for products with simple shape and small volume, such as hardware products such as screw head, medicine, Lego puzzle, etc, Measurement method: package by piece
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