Let’s have a taste of childhood,take a cold bite on a hot summer day on ice popsicle.

Ice Lolly Tube Blowing Machine

Automatic/high efficiency

Machine description

  • Model: 4 station/6 station/8 station
  • Capacity: 2400PCS/H , 3600PCS/H,  4800PCS/H
  • Max.diameter of bottle: 7-10cm
  • Max.volume of bottle: 1000-1500ml
  • Air Pressure: 0.4-0.6 m³/min
  • Input voltage: 380V,50Hz,3Phase(can be costomized)


This machine is mainly suitable for different kinds of plastic packaging,
such as beverage bottle, popsicle, jelly bottle, eyedrops bottle, seasoning bottle, etc
Applicable for:PE/PP/PVC materials.


We also can offer you other extra machines
for plastic tube blowing machine.
You can buy them for options, such as:
Air compressor/ Crusher/ Chiller/ Mixing machine/ Material feeder

energy conservation

high efficiency

Professional manufactur

Characteristic service

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Stable operation

We have many years of rich production experience, a strong production team, excellent engineers, to provide quality equipment for different customers

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Multi product mould

For different plastic packaging products, please send us your samples. We can customize all kinds of molds according to the samples to provide you with one-stop service.

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Different choices

Different machine models

We have different models and configurations. We can choose 4 station/6 station/8 station machines to complete different production requirements

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